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Glass Ornaments


Reverse hand painted glass Christmas ornaments

Unique shape and size:

Round shape: 2.5”, 3” ,3.5”, 4”
Heart shape: 4”
Bell: 3” , 4.5”
Prince shape: 3”, 5.5”,6.75”
Bulb brilliant shape: 6” , 6.5”
Jewel shape: 4.5”
Emerald shape: 6” , 6.5”

Customized design, shape, size all can be acceptable.

Crafts: Inside or Reverse hand painted, hand painted from the inside of  the hand-blown glass ball

Packing: each piece packed in a cloth gift box 100pcs or suitable Qty /CTN

MOQ: 500pcs/design

Application:  Christmas Souvenirs, Holiday gifts, Christmas tree hanging Ornaments, Tourist souvenirs, Memories & Collection, keepsakes, Promotional Christmas ornaments, personalized Christmas gifts , Creative & Unique ,Custom design ornaments.

About the Reverse or inside hand painted:
Reverse Hand painted from the inside of the hand-blown glass ball in an ancient technique treasured by collectors making each ornament a unique work of art

glass ornaments glass ornaments

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