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FLD-CB-18 (73)

“The Northern Cardinal 2” reverse hand painted glass Christmas ball (60mm, 65mm, 75mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm)

The ball is decorated with a northern cardinal (or red cardinal). The cardinal mainly inhabits in North America and is famous for its beautiful red feather. In this design, the cardinal is standing on the branch of pine. This design comes from our animal collection.

Inside painting is a century-old art form that treasured by collectors from all over the world. Each Christmas ornament is painstakingly hand-painted by an artist from the inside of the glass container. Our artist uses a tiny L-shaped brush, pass through a small opening on the top, and paint on the inner surface of each ball. We have the most brilliant artists in this field who are trained for years to master the skill.

Each ornament comes with a protective and decorative gift box that makes it an ideal gift and keepsake for anyone who loves it.

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